smell o visionToday is a day I wish that the oft-joked Smell-O-Vision technology worked.  If it did, I would have taken video of the Magnolia trees on the Mag Quad (aka Manchester Quad), on the south side of campus.

The magnolias are all over the Mag Quad right now, and they are in gloriously-scented bloom.  It’s been getting hotter here and some are already starting to wilt and brown.  But the ones that are newly opened are just spectacular.

If you know the scent of a blooming magnolia, imagine it now.  And if you don’t, here’s to hoping there are still some blooming if you come to campus for Move-In Day in August.

Smells like heaven.

— by Betsy Chapman

6 10 15 magnolia 2

6 10 15 magnolia

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