Rain At Last

This week’s unseemly heat has been broken by an impressive rain shower, happening right now (3:45 pm).  This is the kind of rain where the drops are just enormous.  It has been so hot and dry of late, and the flowers on campus have been a bit droopy as a result.  Having some water will do them a ton of good.  Hopefully it will cool the outdoors off a bit as well.

Today we had a couple of hundred alumni families on campus for the annual Alumni Admissions Forum, which is an annual event that gives an inside look at the admissions process (both at Wake Forest and at highly selective colleges) to alumni families of high schoolers.  I was gratified to see some black and gold attire on our guests (they know it’s Black and Gold Friday!)

6 26 15I took this picture earlier this morning.  This is the Worrell Center, home to the law school and future home of the Health and Exercise Science department.  Now that the framing is going up, it is beginning to really take shape.

Have a good weekend, Deac families, and hope it’s cool where you are!

— by Betsy Chapman



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