It’s technically barely the start of summer but we have already reached the dreaded 3 Hs:



and Humid.

No lie, Deac families, it has been oppressively hot here.  I have two degrees in English from WFU and I am starting to run out of hyperbolic adjectives to say how beastly hot it is.

6 23 15 weatherThis is not normal June weather.  This is worst-part-of-late-July-or-early-August hot.  Check out the 5 day forecast.  When 85 is a break from the heat, you know it’s bad.

Despite the heat, construction continues on campus.  The addition to the gym is starting to take form and you can begin to imagine the current roof line extending to the new section.  Most of the new windows have been installed in Kitchin Dorm, and off in the distance (way too far to walk in this heat, I confess) you can 6 23 15 3see the roof of the new Sports Performance Center behind the Miller Center going up.

Around lunchtime I was in the Benson Center at Shortys and there were a bunch of young children, here for some camp or other, playing in the sprinklers in the grass.  Not sure which kind soul had turned them on so the kids could cool off for a few minutes, but it was a joy to see.

Stay cool wherever you are, Deac families.  And send some of that our way.

— by Betsy Chapman

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