Strange Days Indeed

It’s the end of a short work week, Deac families.  Hope that you might have joined in on what we like to call Black and Gold Friday, which means wearing black and gold (or even better, WFU apparel) wherever you live so you can show your Deac spirit.   Feel free to do that every Friday.

Apologies to my P’19 parents who I unduly alarmed yesterday in talking about spam.  The parent communications survey we sent out did not go to incoming freshmen families (P’19s) because you would not have had an opportunity to see a wide range of the things we offer.  So if you are a P’19, this email would never have hit your inbox at all.  Sorry for any confusion.

5 29 15  farrellI went up to Farrell Hall around lunchtime today to grab a bite at Einstein’s Bagels and encountered an almost completely empty Farrell Hall Living Room.  That’s akin to finding a four leaf clover – it just doesn’t happen that often.  It was surprisingly empty, maybe 3-4 people total in the giant space.  By the time my lunch was ready, there was a sudden influx of students coming out of a stairwell; class must have been ending.  Phew.  That seemed much more normal.

5 29 15  clouds5 29 15 rainThe other big oddity happened on the way back to my office.  It’s a beautiful sunny day, with big, white, puffy clouds in the sky.  No storm clouds, just big cumulus clouds.  And then a sudden rain.  First a few drops, then more.  It was one of those sudden and unexpected sunny day showers.  Looking at the sky, you never would have believed it, but the pavement tells another story.

— by Betsy Chapman


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