Spammity Spam, Wonderful Spam!

SPAMToday’s Daily Deac is a public service announcement about spam.  Not the hilarious Monty Python Spam, but the kind of spam that ends up in your junk mail folder.

When Wake (like other organizations) sends out emails, we can’t control how that email is handled on the receiver’s end.  Depending on the email address we have on file for you, email may be processed via your company’s IS department or your home internet service provider – and it may or may not end up in your inbox.  There is voodoo that happens on the tech end that I don’t understand, but when we hit “send” on a big email to all parents, it can trip the trigger to route our emails to your Junk Mail folder or Quarantine, etc.

Normally once a month, around mid-month, we send the Wake Parents and Families e-newsletter to all WFU parents who have a valid email address (unless you specified not wanting to hear from Wake at all).   Occasionally, we send an email to all parents; yesterday we sent out a Parent Communications Survey (many thanks to those who have responded).

If you are not seeing those kinds of messages and you know you provided your email via the Parent Record Form, see if you can find them in your Junk Mail folder and choose to add us as a safe sender so you will get our emails in the future.  You can search for “Office of Parent Programs” as the sender; that is typically our internet handle.

We want to be able to stay in touch with you and stay out of your Junk Mail if we can!

— by Betsy Chapman

PS – If you subscribe to the Daily Deac and it comes to your inbox via email, that is through a third party provider called Feedburner; it doesn’t come from Wake Forest.  If that’s the only email you get from us, you might want to check Junk Mail.

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