Today is a beautiful day.  It’s sunny, low 70s, a light breeze.  This morning it was too cool to be out without a light jacket or shirt, but at 3 pm it was a perfect temperature to be outside – not too hot, not too cold.  I had a meeting mid-campus today and took a few pictures as I went.  So for today’s Daily Deac, let’s take a glimpse of the North, South, East, and West of Wake Forest.

4 21 NNorth – the sidewalk that rings the road around campus was nice and shady on the north side of campus.  The view toward Magnolia and Dogwood, our newest residence halls, was blocked a bit by a big dumpster in the street.  There must be some sort of construction going on nearby.  In just a couple of weeks, as classes end, students will see a lot more dumpsters to help them get rid of unwanted items.  But we’d urge your Deacs to donate what they can vs. just throwing it away -so look for the Deacs Donate boxes.  Not a lot of traffic coming and going over the walkway through giant parking lot Q, just a couple of students in shorts and t-shirts who were strolling along leisurely.

4 21 EEast – on the east side of campus it is the place for construction and commuters.  You can see our white campus shuttle bus pulling away from the bus stop.  That corner remains busy throughout the day.  The construction of the new gym addition is coming along nicely.  There are two big cement towers rising Phoenixlike from the ashes of the former tennis court.  And just behind the construction is the track.  At this point of the day, I think the track is reserved for varsity athletes, but there was a female student running up and down in the bleachers section, which is quite a workout.

4 21 SSouth – ah, the sunny side of campus!  Lots of activity on the south quad (Mag Quad, aka Manchester Quad).  There are a ton of colorful tailgate-type tents going up on the grass.  I stopped and asked a couple of administrator friends of mine what was going on down there, and they said they thought it was for the Earth Day Fair tomorrow from 3-7 pm.  From my lookout on the Mag Patio just behind Reynolda Hall, there were some students sitting in the big rocking chairs and others at the teak umbrella tables.  I always found the rocking chairs a great place to sit and read.

4 21 WWest – the sun was at an angle where I couldn’t get a good shot of the west side of campus at Quad level.  I can tell you that there was some foot traffic crossing the street to go down to Scales Fine Arts Center.  Students in the vicinity – going to Campus Grounds, the coffee shop? or to the Quad?  Later in the afternoon, I suspect the students who reside in those residence halls might sit out on their front patio/bricked in areas.  Sometimes you’ll see someone in there playing a guitar, or with a radio or stereo booming, speaker side out, from one of the rooms above.  It’d be a good day for that.

4 21 quadAnd a bonus direction!  Mid-Quad – As I went to my meeting, there were students sitting at the cafe chairs and tables, some talking to each other as they passed each other in the grass.  Later I saw what looked like a visiting family trying to take a picture of the student and other family members with Wait Chapel in the background.  Administrators use the cafe tables too – I saw what looked like an outdoor meeting (the best kind, in my opinion).  And with Subway nearby, there are always students coming out of Davis Hall with Subway bags and drink cups.

This day would be hard to improve upon, Deac families.  Hope your students are seizing the day!

— by Betsy Chapman

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