LDOC = Last Day of Classes.  And it is here, hard as that might be to believe.

My good colleagues in the Wellbeing office who spearhead our Thrive efforts are doing their part to help students have manage stress and have a little fun as finals begin.  They teamed up with the ZSR Library, the Dean of Students, and the student groups DoRAK (Do Random Acts of Kindness) and Active Minds in the rotunda of the Benson Center today with bubbles, puppies to pet, mind putty and games, even free food – all to help your Deacs during crunch time.  The two puppies were siblings from the same litter and they were really fun.  If your students haven’t taken advantage of all this goodness, it runs until 3 pm today for fun and games, and massages were being offered until 5 pm (sign up via Benson Ticket Office).

4 29 15 logo 4 29 15 8 4 29 15 7 4 29 15 64 29 15 2 4 29 15 3It’s not just the students trying to get ready for finals – campus is also starting its pre-Commencement preparations.  Yellow ropes have gone up through the grassy places around the perimeter of the Quad so the grass can grow thick and nice before graduation.  There is an enormous thing of cable on the Quad, along with the biggest Ditch Witch I have ever seen.  Not sure what those are about, but undoubtedly part of Quad prep for May 18.  And as I looked around at the students on the Quad and in Benson, I noticed that students’ dress is moving more and more toward workout gear and less and less ‘dress to impress,’ a sure sign finals are coming.

4 29 15 5 4 29 15 4 4 29 15 1I was prompted today to think back to parents and families who have now been with us for 4 full years of the Daily Deac.  Many thanks for making us part of your WFU experience!  Since y’all are now just 3 weeks away from becoming parents of alumni, thought it might be fun to cast your memories back to Orientation 2011, when your students arrived.  Here’s a look at the pre-orientation program with SPARC (volunteering) and Wilderness to Wake, orientation receptions and lectures, and fun stuff like A Taste of Winston-Salem and Pros vs. Joes.  Your students have come a long way in 4 years.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you and them as they go across the stage to get their diplomas!

— by Betsy Chapman

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