Super Soaker

3 4 15 quad camExactly the last thing your students want as they slog through midterms and projects is a soaking wet, miserable day.  And yet, that’s what they are getting.  This is how rainy it is: there are pools of water on the Quad as of early afternoon.  Check out the Quad Cam or see a screen cap at right.

It’s bad enough outside that I have holed up in my building all day (and I bet your students are doing likewise in their dorm rooms if they can).  There looks to be a chance of some snow or ice later tonight.

Seems even more cruel given the fact that yesterday afternoon and evening were divine weather wise.  Lastnight was clear skies and a warm breeze and a very beautiful almost full moon.

Lastnight also was the men’s Duke basketball game.  Bless our team, it was not a pretty game to watch.  Still, a true Wake fan sticks with the team no matter what.  So walk with heads tall and wear your black and gold with the same pride.  Wake fans take the long view, and there is much to look forward to with this team.  Just you wait.

On the good side, congratulations to the women’s basketball team on today’s ACC Tournament second-round upset over Syracuse, 85-79. They’ll play No. 4 Duke at 11 a.m. Friday.

Students will start peeling out of campus for Spring Break very soon.  Some tonight, some tomorrow, maybe a few on Saturday, but my hunch is we’ll be pretty cleaned out by Friday night.

If your Deacs are traveling, we wish them safe travels.


— by Betsy Chapman



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