Good News Thursday

Have to admit, campus feels very strange without the students here.  While we hope they are all having a good time with you or with friends if they made a trip together, we are going to be happy to have them back with us.

When your students return, they will start to see the very first peeks of spring.  On the path out to Reynolda Gardens yesterday, I spotted some purple flowers (crocuses maybe?) coming up.  Trees are starting to show buds.  Another couple of weeks and it will be exquisite.

totes winnerMy inbox contained some very happy news today – you might recall our Deac Emily (’15), who was in the running to be the new face of Totes umbrellas based on a picture taken during her time abroad in Shanghai?  Well, she won!  I don’t know how many of you might have voted for her to make that happen, but never doubt the power of the Deac faithful – and there are few prouder than Deac parents.  Many thanks for helping our Emily!

Also have another good news item – if you had been considering the WFU trip to Bali in June, the price was just reduced!  It is now $3,690 with $100 off if you book before March 30th.  If you have never considered traveling on a Wake Forest trip, you should.  I did one once and not only was it wonderful to travel abroad and not have to worry about making hotel or dinner or transportation reservations, but the greatest benefit was that you knew you’d be there with other Wake Foresters!  This particular trip will also have a WFU faculty member, Jay Ford, as the trip guide and academic expert.  Book before March 30th for your extra discount.  Could be a great graduation or end-of-school trip for you and your Deac!


— By Betsy Chapman


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