Five Senses of the Tribble Courtyard

3 23 15I am in between meetings on a cool but sunny day.  Found a perch outside the ZSR near the Benson-Tribble courtyard.  Here’s what my five senses are revealing:


I hear…

– an airplane flying overhead.

– a snippet of a guy-to-girl conversation.  The guy is retelling a story about someone who was referring to “my boy, Slick!”

– a visiting dad and his son ask me where Manchester Quad is.  I ask if they are looking for a particular building, and they say no, they are just trying to get their bearings.  Dad looks like he likes this place.

– a second airplane overhead, followed by the toot of a train in the distance.  (There are train tracks across University by North Point Blvd).

– laughter of people as they walk by.  The occasional yelled greeting from across the courtyard.

clop, clop, clop of high heeled boots.

– a strange loud flapping fabric sound.  When I turn around to investigate, I see it is the umbrella from an umbrella table.

– jingling of keys as they hang off a girl’s ID holder.

– the sound of a leaf blower.  Normally that seems to be happening at the early part of the day; I am surprised to hear it now.


I see…

– some students in shorts, others in sweats and otherwise long-sleeved outfits.  Some of the girls are still sporting equestrian boots.

– several students with to-go bags from the Benson Center food court.  They look like they are headed back to their residence hall.

– lots of students are either using their smartphone to surf/text as they walk.  No one trips or bumps in to each other.

– tiny pink buds on the trees in Tribble courtyard.  Give them a few more days and they will be in full bloom.

– clear blue sky.  Not a cloud anywhere.

– lawn chairs set up in front of Greene Hall.  No one is in them, they are just sitting there.

– three different cafe tables are occupied, but just with one student apiece.  They all have their laptops out.

– the Student Union golf cart parked and charging in its space on the sidewalk.

– a girl walk by in a WAKE sweatshirt.  I want to go up and thank her for wearing our school’s shirt and not some other school’s (a pet peeve of mine), but I refrain.

– two girls have passed by carrying boxes from the post office – they look like care packages.  Good job, Deac parents, for sending some goodies to your students!


I smell…

– a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.

– cold wind.  It isn’t super windy, but when it is there is a distinct cool smell.

– the first hint of flowering trees blooming.  It smells like spring.


I feel…

– the cool surface of the green cafe table.  It’s sitting in the shade and the tabletop has not had a chance to warm from the sun.

– cold.  If you are not in the sun and the wind picks up, it’s too cool for no coat but too warm to wear the coat.


I taste…

– skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks 🙂


— by Betsy Chapman

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