Today’s Daily Deac comes to us from Kyle Denlinger, e-learning Librarian at the ZSR and mastermind of online courses.  Some of you may remember Kyle from ZSRx Parents an Families: Deacon Development 101, our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) about college student development.  (If you didn’t take it, we kept all the notes and articles on the Parents’ Toolkit – so go back and dig in).

Kyle and the ZSR have a new MOOC – and we think this might especially appeal to Deac parents and families, as it has to do with geneology.  Read more from Kyle below and sign up!  This should be fun!

One more fun ZSR thing to mention.  Friday is Humans vs. Zombies!  “Join us for a game of Humans V. Zombies in the ZSR Library! We will use Nerf Dart Blasters to ward off the Zombies in ZSR! (Bring your Nerf Dart Blasters if you have! ZSR will have some Nerf blasters if you need one!) This event is co-sponsored by the Z. Smith Reynolds Library and the WFU Student Activities Fund.”

— by Betsy Chapman and Kyle Denlinger


“If you’re like me, researching your family history has been one of those fascinating pastimes that have always seemed just out of reach. There are about a million different places to start and just as many different ways to get overwhelmed. Without a little guidance, it’s easy to write off genealogy as one of those projects that are just too big for one person.

We in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library wanted to change that. We wanted to convert hesitant researchers like me into knowledgeable, confident family historians. To do this, ZSR collaborated with the fantastic librarians at the State Library of North Carolina to create a free online genealogy course, RootsMOOC, which is now open for enrollment to the first 5,000 learners who sign up.

Interested? Sign up here!

Through video interviews, tutorials, discussions, and structured learning activities, we’ll learn the very basics of genealogy research, such as the best places to get started, how to stay organized, and what kinds of documents and search tools you’ll encounter along the way. We’ll all share our research progress and help each other overcome roadblocks as we share our best tips and tricks in the online discussion forums. Librarians, archivists, and other experts from North Carolina and around the United States will be participating right alongside us, answering questions and pointing us all in the right direction.

If you’ve been looking for a place to get started on your family history research, RootsMOOC just might be the thing you’ve been waiting for. We can’t wait to get started!”

— by Kyle Denlinger

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