Anyone Else Wishing for Spring? Or Summer?

Though February is a short month, it can seem like it lasts forever if you are sick of winter and cold and jackets and the risk of snow.

So if you are in the throes of the Winter Blahs, take a deep breath and look at some of the beauty that’s to come in the spring.  Maybe these pictures will cheer up your Deac, or inspire you to want to make a trip to campus to see it yourself.

Here’s a reason to think ahead for summer.  There are a number of service trips students can take, broadening their global horizons and also their sense of Pro Humanitate.  Here’s an email I received about one such option:

Hello fellow Deacons!

In view of the upcoming long summer break and in consideration of our school’s motto, Pro Humanitate, I would like you to consider joining our service trip to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, during the two weeks following final exams!
More than an opportunity for Wake students to bring smiles to Dominicans living in Santo Domingo’s poorest suburbs, this service trip is an inspiring and character building experience for anyone who is willing to delve into it!
Last year, in coordination with local organization Mission Emanuel, our group was able to help build more than three houses, teach, and simply bring warmth and cordiality to some who’s only wish is to be recognized as individuals. To find out more about our previous experience, check out our Tumblr @
For more information or to sign up for an interview, contact both  Mary Gerardy at and myself at “
— by Betsy Chapman

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