A Sweet Home Victory

The LJVM Coliseum was the place to be on Saturday afternoon, when our Deacs took on VA Tech.  Happily, a good number of students put down their books and came out to support the team.  No matter how well VA Tech is playing, their fans always come out in pretty good numbers since it is an easy drive between the schools (just a couple three hours), so I was really happy to see a lot of black and gold in the stands.

If you followed the game (or were here for it), I wonder if you – like me – sprouted some new gray hair or lost a few fingernails from sheer nerves.  It was a tight game with lead changes and it came down to the final seconds, with clutch shots and free throws and all.

Our team, which has been playing really well despite a few ticks in the Losses column (against strong teams, I might add), did a great job rallying to get the victory.  You can see some videos and get a recap here.

The. Deacs. Are. Back.

I am officially calling it.  Because this is a team that has talent and (from this layperson’s seat) good coaching.  There is great excitement again, and I strongly suspect a year from now we will be a very, very dangerous opponent to the ACC.  And I could not be happier about it.

I didn’t make it to the Quad after the game, but from the looks of the Quad cam, it seems maybe the students rolled.  The Quad is happiest when it’s rolled.

Our next men’s game is tomorrow night against NC State at 8 pm.  We need the students and their energy, so bring all you’ve got!  And for our families at home, it looks like it’ll be on ESPN3 and ACC affiliates.

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