Bid Day

Many (most?) of our students moved back over the weekend and we sure are glad to have them back.  While classes don’t start until tomorrow, there is activity on campus for sure.  The female students who went through sorority recruitment over the past several days learned this morning if they are getting bids.  Those bids will go out later today, and then there will be a frenzy of activity.

Normally the receipt of bids culminates in all the new pledges joining their sisters on the Quad, gathering together jumping and screaming.  I can’t remember if some of the groups do this or all of them, but in past years we’d have girls run a lap around the Quad in their new Greek letter shirts.  Today is a pretty nasty weather day – overcast and rainy, somewhere between a drizzle and a real rain – so I am not sure if that will curtail the fun or not.  Probably not.

Hard to believe that the long winter break is over.  Tomorrow is back to business with a new set of classes.  Here’s to your Deacs having a great semester!


— by Betsy Chapman



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