Rain, Sun, and the Berlin Wall

When I woke up this morning, I was convinced it would be a miserable, wash out day for the Wake Forest-Clemson football game, which is tonight at 7:30.  It was rainy and misty all morning, up through lunchtime.  When I emerged from a noon meeting at 1:00, the sun was out, the Quad was beautiful, and all signs point to a good evening.

Following the morning rain, campus looked terrific.  I know many of our parents and families frequent the Quad Cam.  For those of you who want to see more campus than the single shot that the Quad Cam gives you, I highly recommend Focus on the Forest, a photoblog that is a selection of some of the best shots taken by our University Photographer, Ken Bennett.

I happened across this item on the Events calendar and it looks really interesting.  Walls Fall Down – Berlin Wall Art Contest and Food Drive.  “Help us celebrate this anniversary of the end of oppression in East Germany by decorating a section of our “Berlin Wall” in response to the question, “What walls hold you back?” A panel of judges will choose three winners at 5pm on Friday, Nov. 7. Prizes will be Starbucks gift cards!  Then the real fun begins: we will be destroying the wall with hammers and bats right after the contest ends, at 5pm. Stop by and donate 1 non-perishable food item for Campus Kitchen and you get 1 whack at the wall. You will also be able to take a piece of the wall home with you as a reminder that together we are strong enough to bring down the walls that hold us back.”

When I was here at Wake Forest, I remember watching a [very tiny by today’s standards] tv in my dorm room of news coverage of the Berlin Wall coming down.  My roommate and I were sort of boggling at the fact that this iconic image of the Cold War was being dismantled before our eyes.  Your students were not even born then, but I bet you remember.



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