It’s almost break, and judging by the cars in the parking lots, some of the students appear to have gone home already, possibly because of the predictions for iffy mid-Atlantic weather on Wednesday.  We had a cold and rainy Sunday through most of the day, and then the rain got really heavy lastnight. I thought most of the fall leaves were already down from the trees, but there are a ton on the roads and the sidewalks, blown down by lastnight’s wind.

Speaking of roads, I took a wander across campus late last week and was looking at the cars in the student parking lots.  It’s always interesting to me to see what kinds of things students choose to place on their cars as adornment.  There’s the things you might expect: Wake Forest stickers or magnets, Greek letters, favorite sports teams or beaches.  And then there are some things you might not expect.

I took pictures of some of the fun bumper stickers I saw on the cars.  They are just a small slice of what I saw, but an interesting lot nonetheless.  This is but one way for your students to express their individuality.  From the looks of it, we have a lot of creative, athletic, well traveled folks.

bumper stickers all

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