Gratitude Day – Wednesday 11/19

It is freezing, freezing, cold today, Deac families.  High of a frigid 36.  And while I know many of you are from colder climes than ours, already dealing with snow and superfrigid temperatures, let me go on record and say I much prefer the warmth.  There are a couple of side benefits to the weather I suppose: students can finally trot out their warmest winter coats, boots, and gloves – and for our students who live in places where it never gets cold, this is sort of fun for them.

Even though it’s hard for me to be this cold and feel grateful, today’s Daily Deac is about gratitude.  Wake Forest is having a Gratitude Day tomorrow (Wednesday, November 19th).  In this season of thankgiving and reflecting on our many blessings, this seems like a great idea.

There are a couple of ways your students can participate:

give thanksThey can Tweet @WFUOPCD with #GiveThanks and share what they are thankful for this holiday season.  They have a chance to win a Chipotle gift card.

Students can also join the campus for Gratitude Day and share what makes them #GiveThanks from 11am-1 pm in front of the Pit.

Deac families, we welcome you to share what you are grateful for as well.  You can email and we will post any of your comments (anonymously if you like, or you can give us your first initial and Parent year – P’15 = senior parents, P’16 = juniors, etc.)  I’d love to complile a Gratitude List from our Deac families.

— by Betsy Chapman


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