Deac Family Recipes

Hopefully each of our Daily Deac readers enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, with family, much to be grateful for, and of course plenty of good food.

recipe bowlSince it’s a long holiday weekend and the office is closed – and food is on everyone’s minds – I thought it might be fun to see if we can gather some Deac Family recipes.  So today is an invitation for you to submit your favorite recipe.  Doesn’t even need to be a Thanksgiving recipe – it could be any of your favorites.   Because we all have busy lives, it may work best if you choose something that doesn’t have 1,000 rare ingredients or take hours to prep – but something that is a go-to winner for your family.

You can send your recipes in via email at (or hit ‘reply’ if you are a subscriber to the Daily Deac and you get it via email).

If we get a bunch of Deac families responding, I will put the recipes together and publish them as a future Daily Deac.

Enjoy your leftovers!


— by Betsy Chapman

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