A Beautiful Friday

Today is a beautiful day.  Early this morning it was cool enough for it to feel nice and refreshing if you were walking on campus, but not so cool that you needed a jacket.  All across campus, the trees are noticeably changing from all green to every shade of Fall there is.  It looks like rain is coming, so your Deacs ought to get out and enjoy this fine day while they can.

There are several items on the web today worth mentioning.

For all our history buffs out there, and/or families who will be coming here in 2 weeks for Family Weekend, the Old Gold and Black (our student newspaper) ran a story about the names behind some of the campus buildings.  You can see Meet the People Behind the Buildings here.

For students who are interested in looking at room changes or changes to their meal plans, Residence Life and Housing sent an email with instructions and deadlines.  Requests to change rooms for the spring are due November 7th – so anyone contemplating a switch needs to take action.

Any student with a current meal plan who does not have enough meal swipes to make it to the end of the semester can add more swipes. Students can take advantage of the Add On Sale for Meal Swipes by going to Reynolda Hall, Room 12.

Fall Break is coming up next Friday, October 17th.  “Break” is a bit of a misnomer, as it is really just a 3-day weekend.  Students will want to take note of the Student Health Service website re: closing during Fall Break.  On that same website, they also have a list of local service providers when Student Health is closed.

There is a story on the main WFU web site about campus climate and building community.  “Wake has a more diverse student body than ever, and the campus community is taking action and engaging in conversations to ensure everyone at the University feels valued and respected,” it says in the article.  My own WFU experience in the late 80s-early 90s was that you practically had to go abroad to see different cultures or nationalities, we had fewer students of color, and Baptists were the majority religion.  Now our freshman class was 10% international and our school more broadly represents the world in which we live on all fronts.  Which is amazing for our campus community and in helping our students be better prepared for a global world, and it also creates some opportunities to be more inclusive and understanding of others.

Finally, as with every Friday, I hope you are representing WFU where you live by wearing Black and Gold.  I know I have mine on!  Call your students today and tell them you love them, and reconnect with them.  Ask them what they want you to bring when you come for Family Weekend.  They will surely have a list of things from home they want.


– by Betsy Chapman 

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