Still Hot

Yes, it is still hot here in Winston-Salem.  Hot enough that you don’t see quite so many runners and joggers in the heat of midday – and those you see running at the peak heat of the day look like they are well accustomed to it.

This afternoon is an exciting day – the Student Involvement Fair on the Manchester Quad.  All student organizations – clubs, intramurals, arts, Greek, religious, political, service, and more! – will have tables on the Manchester Quad (also known as Mag Quad).  Students can sign up on distro lists to become part of the email chain of these organizations.  It is a wonderful way to get involved.

This Student Involvement Fair can be a time to try something new.  Maybe something you’ve never done before.  I was at a New Student Reception this summer and during the program with upperclass students, one young woman talked about how she had never played rugby before, but signed up to try it and it became one of her favorite activities at Wake Forest.  My own niece did the same with the crew team – never rowed before, but learned.  It doesn’t have to be sporty – it can be any new skill, endeavor, or hobby.  Youth is the time to experiment and try!

We have some news on campus today – a Director of Wellbeing has been announced:

“Malika Roman Isler (’99) has been named Wake Forest’s first Director of Wellbeing.

A doctoral level-trained health scientist, Roman Isler is currently a research administrator and faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She will begin her new role on Oct. 1 with more than 10 years of experience integrating research and programming, developing strategic plans that guide health and wellbeing initiatives, and defining assessment tools to ensure research and program effectiveness.

Roman Isler brings a strong working knowledge of wellbeing as the intersection of emotional, social, physical, financial, occupational, spiritual, intellectual and environmental dimensions of life. At Wake Forest, she will be responsible for coordinating and developing programming for the various aspects of the University’s transformative new approach to wellbeing called “Thrive.” Equal parts education and inspiration, the campus-wide effort – which will be kicked off on Friday, Sept. 5 – aims to give students, faculty and staff the skills, knowledge and perspective to live healthier, balanced lives.”  Read the full article here.   It’s exciting to have Dr. Roman Isler return to her alma mater, and I am sure she has great things in store for our students.

And in case you were wondering, the Quad is still beautiful.  I just took a peek at the Quad Cam and it really is a lovely sight.


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