List Your WF Top 10

Parents and students frequently comment on the Wake Forest admissions application.  There are many thought provoking questions on the application, designed to tease out students’ intellectual interests, academic curiosity, personality, and more.

top 10 WFOne of my favorites is the question “List Your Top 10.”  No further clarification – students have to figure out what it means to them, and reply accordingly.

I thought it might be fun for parents and families to send in your WF Top 10.  If you want to play along, email your Top 10 to  

Editorial note:  unless you specify otherwise, we will assume you give us permission to use your Top 10 in a future Daily Deac.  We would not list first and last names, just first initial and parent year if you provide it (parent of freshman -= P’18, parent of sophomore = P’17 etc.)

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