Health Reminders

The Student Health Service announced flu vaccination clinic dates and times for October.   Please talk with your student about the possibility of getting a flu shot.  That is every individual’s personal decision of course.  With so many students living in close quarters, illnesses can spread.  I myself was part of an influenza that went through campus back in 2008 and it was not at all fun.  So encourage your student to be aware of these influenza clinic offerings and make the choice that seems best for them.

The Student Health Service’s web site also has some good general information about common health ailments like colds and flu and how to treat them.  This is a great reference site.

We’re starting to have some back-and-forth between fall weather and still-summery temperatures, which sometimes brings colds with it.  For some students, there is also a fall allergy season (not just during springtime when the pollen first comes out).  Dr. Joanne Clinch, Clinical Director of the Student Health Service, wrote a guest post on allergies for us, as well as one about knowing when antibiotics work (and when they don’t).  Those are good articles and they are worth a read.

Keep those vaccine options and reference sites in mind, and encourage your Deacs to practice good personal hygiene – hand washing, not sharing food or cups, etc.  We all want them to be safe, healthy, and happy – just like you do.


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