First Signs of Fall

For today’s Daily Deac, I took a stroll around campus up through one of my favorite spots, Reynolda Village and Reynolda Gardens.  It is a superb day – high 70s and sunny, light breeze.  Perfect weather.

On the Quad, various student organizations have made banners for Homecoming, which is this weekend.  They are hanging on Kitchin Hall (and probably the others too, I just didn’t make a full lap).  The banners really are more the size of bedsheets, with slogans and images painted on them.  A couple of very good looking Deacons painted on them.  Alas, no pictures – there were students sitting at the cafe tables there and they looked to be studying, and I did not want to get in their personal space to take some photos of the banners.

You can see the first hints of fall as you look at the trees across campus.  Most of the trees are still vastly green, but you can see some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow, or red, or orange.  It’s a small percentage of any given tree that is changing colors, but as the next few weeks unfold, the ratio of green to fall colored leaves will change dramatically.

I also saw a few yellow leaves blowing off the trees in the wind.  One of my favorite times on campus is when it is really and truly fall, and a brisk windy day – then you see leaves coming down like a ticker tape parade of old.  I can’t wait to go walking when those days start.

Your students are seeing a lot more cars on campus this weekend because of Homecoming.  It’s also the weekend where our Board of Trustees and our Alumni Council are meeting.  There are a lot of cars parked on Davis field for these events, and they’ll be more tomorrow when the classes of 1964 (who are being inducted into the Half Century Club), 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, and 2009 return for their reunions.  We’ll have alumni coming to Homecoming from other years too, but we celebrate official class reunions in 5 year increments.  You can see the Homecoming schedule online – and get a sense of the kinds of things your Deacs will be invited to in a few short years.

I passed Davis Field, the library, and the science buildings and headed down to the path toward Reynolda Village.  Reynolda Village is always lovely this time of year.  The walk from campus to the village is mostly through the woods, so it is nice and cool and shady.  It was a lovely walk.  Always better when you are walking it with a friend.

If you are coming to campus for Family Weekend, I highly recommend you take this stroll.   There are good options for lunch there (Silo, Village Tavern, and more) as well as good boutique type shopping.

Start hoping now for weather like today’s to repeat for Family Weekend.   And if your students aren’t getting out and enjoying this fine weather, urge them to take a study break and take a walk outside.  It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit.


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