Cold and Grey

The weather forecast has not been particularly reliable thus far.  We’ve had a couple of days that were supposed to be in the low 70s that struggled to get past the low 60s, and while we were not forecast for rain this morning, it’s been drizzly and gloomy and gray all day.

Took a stroll up to the North Dining Hall today for lunch.  Rumor has it that the students are referring to it as “New Pit” instead of whatever official name it was given.  This would be consistent with students still calling the Reynolda Hall cafeteria “The Pit” and not “The Fresh Food Company.”  I am a traditionalist, so it will always be The Pit to me.

Though the weather outside was dreary, North Dining Hall was nice.  Students were huddled up at the high tables or in booths, some studying, others eating.  I didn’t make it downstairs to Starbucks but I bet they were doing brisk business.  Cold grey weather tends to do that for us.

Here’s hoping for some sun tomorrow.

Categories: campus life