The Five Senses of Move-In

Today the Daily Deac is ensconced in the Campus Services and Information Fair in Benson 401.  It seemed like a great day to do one of our “Five Senses” blogs, so here goes.

I hear…

– A steady, continuous hum of voices.  Lots of chatting, lots of questions.

– A mix of emotions in parents’ voices.  Everything from enthusiasm to confusion to excitement, with the occasional hint of melancholy.  Rarely do I hear frustrated voices, which is a good sign.

– The same questions and answers being given at tables near me.  This is to be expected of course.

– Introductions as people meet – or re-meet.

– Foreign accents and American alike, which is super cool.  I find myself regretting that we didn’t have more international students when I was here.

– The sound of my phone as text messages come to me.


I see…

– Tons of sneakers and shorts.  From my vantage point, I get a good view of people as they enter 401 Benson.

– Most folks have dressed in move-in-ready clothes.  Shorts, t-shirts, breathable cotton fabrics.

– Brows being wiped.  It is hot outside (but mercifully cool inside)

– The faces of my colleagues from various other offices.  They look happy to be meeting everyone.  It’s a really fun day for all of us who work here.

– Some of my new advisees, some folks I met at New Student Receptions this summer, or people I encountered on their admissions visits.  Nice to see so many familiar and friendly faces.

– The gold stars on our table, scattered on the black tablecloth.

– Lots of green recycle bins carried by students.  And filling quickly with handouts and giveaway items.

– My computer screen, which I am consulting from time to time as families have questions.

– Our stack of Orientation brochures disappearing rapidly.  If you did not get one, the schedule is online – and they have many copies outside of 125 Reynolda Hall (while supplies last).


I feel…

– The breeze of people walking quickly by our table.

– The extra supplies hidden under our tables that I am bumping with my feet every time I move.

– Great pride when people tell me how easy move-in has been, how beautiful the campus is, how much they already love Wake.


I taste…

– Only my water bottle.  It’s early and I have not stopped for lunch yet.


I smell…

– The occasional whiff of perfume or cologne.

– The salty smell of perspiration.

– My warm laptop


That’s the view from about 11:15 am, folks.  We’ll bring you more 5 Senses blogs as the semester unfolds.

PS – Many thanks to all the parents and families who came to our Parent Programs table at the Campus Services and Information Fair today in Benson 401.  It was great to speak to you and to put faces to the names I see in emails or on our WF Parents Facebook.  I am so grateful that you read and enjoy the Daily Deac, and I treasure your comments and feedback.    You helped make my birthday a great one!

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