A Long Weekend (for some)

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families!  We might be licking our wounds a little bit at the loss to U. Louisiana-Monroe lastnight, but the Deac faithful are always in it for the long haul, not the short game.  Keep wearing your black and gold every Friday and show your support for WFU wherever you are.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to some of my colleagues across campus who have helped put some of our Orientation materials online.  While these are not professional grade recordings, we were able to get a couple of sessions recorded for families who were not able to attend.  You can access those Orientation resources here.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend, so it is a 3-day weekend for our administrators and staff.  Sadly, the Academic Calendar shows that classes are in session on Labor Day.  But for the rest of us, we are going to be gone on Monday.  Which means it’s time to remind you of how to get in touch with the University after hours/on weekends if there is an emergency with your student; see directions here.

As we so often tell you, Fridays are a great time to reach out and call your student.  Having that touch from home and a subtle reminder of its values does have an impact in helping reduce risky behavior.  You can find the study behind that in the Orientation Resources link and session on alcohol.

Enjoy your long weekend, and we’ll be back with more Daily Deacs next Tuesday.

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