Some Interesting Stats

We’re coming down to the home stretch of our New Student Receptions, and I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the statistics of these gatherings for new students and their parents or family members, as well as current students.

33 receptions total

438 of the incoming freshmen families registered to attend a reception

76 current students registered to attend a reception (NOTE: this number is probably larger than 76, because most of our reception hosts had their WFU students attend)

21 alumni (non staff members) registered to attend a reception; some were current parents

20 WFU staff members traveling to these 33 receptions.  At the end of the season I’ll total up the mileage from these events – it will be a big number.

We have also had some wonderful interactions with families during and after the events.  Maybe the two most meaningful I witnessed personally were these:

– I had two upperclassmen women come up to me at a reception and tell me they’d met at this same reception a year ago as incoming freshmen and became best friends

– A mom came up to me after a reception and said (paraphrasing here)  ‘before this event, my anxiety level about sending my student to college was up here [gestured toward her neck].  Now that we’ve met so many nice people, that anxiety is way down here.

And for those of you not living in a reception area, we are still trying to work out a ‘virtual’ route – less about you guys meeting and mingling (as our students have Facebook for that), but more to share the tips and good ideas that have come out of the events.  More to come once we flesh it out.

tampa nsrFinally, a great pic from the Tampa New Student Reception the other night.  They all look pretty excited about Wake!

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