What’s Left?

The Daily Deac is at the end of the Things to Look Forward to This Fall series, and what is left?  Today isn’t about an event or a place or a thing, it is about the feeling of being back at Wake Forest as the semester begins.   And we’ll try to project some ideas, in the style we like to do called “Five Senses.”

You see

– Lots of upperclass students hugging and smiling hello as they move back to campus and reunite with friends

– Freshmen traveling in packs for the first few days

– Lines to buy books and people carrying large packages of same.  Feel bad for the science majors; their textbooks are always enormous

– The start-of-semester student uniform: tshirts, shorts, flip flops, cellphones

– Frisbee on the Quad, or people studying on the grass.  Lots of outdoor pursuits.

– People sitting on the walls and decks of the residence hall lounges.  There could be guitars, or grilling, or gatherings.

– Joggers, walkers, and runners


You hear

–  People talking as they walk on campus together

– Phone calls to moms, dads, significant others

– Ordering food in Subway, Benson, and all the other eateries

– Roars from intramural games in progress

– Mostly English, but occasional conversations in foreign languages (frequently Spanish and Chinese)

– the beehive buzz sound of a very full Farrell Hall Living Room


You smell

– The subtle, delicious scent of drying tobacco leaves from the plants nearby (but only on humid days).  This is a smell your kids will forever associate with Wake Forest, I can promise you that.

– Fried food in the Benson Center (Chick Fil A, I’m looking at you)

– Fresh cut grass anywhere there is green space

– Freshly showered and perfumed girls on their residence halls

– The strong waft of coffee as you enter the ZSR Starbucks

– The smell of old books as you move from the Starbucks into the library stacks


You taste

– the first sip of a ZSR Starbucks – and it is delicious

– the crispy edge of a make your own waffle at the Pit’s waffle station

– a perfectly cooked omelet that has all your favorite ingredients in it

– the salty/sweet and delicious late night food runs from Cook Out, Krispy Kreme, delivery pizza

– tailgate food – depending on where you tailgate (and the game time), it could be BBQ, fried chicken, sausage or ham biscuits.  None of it healthy but all of it perfectly suited to a ball game


You feel

– Like there is a lot of energy on campus.  Especially on a Friday night, the electricity is palpable.

– Warm.  It’s hot and sunny.

– Glad to be back.

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