Today I Need Your Help!

Deac families – today is a very important day in our calendar, and it is a day where you can help us earn an amazing benefit.

Today is the Million Dollar Day.

You might recall last June we had a one-day blitz in support of the Wake Forest Fund (which the Parents’ Campaign supports).  We had one incredible day with amazing results.   The proceeds of which help augment and fill out all the great Wake Forest experiences our students have here.

This year, spurred on by the excitement from our capital campaign, Wake Will, we have a group of Wake Foresters who have told the University that they will give us $500,000 if we can raise either $500,000 or 2,000 gifts from alumni, parents, and friends on this day, June 10th.  Gifts must be designated to the Wake Forest Fund (which the Parents’ Campaign supports).

That’s a half a million dollar matching gift we’ll be given if we can get this done.  Imagine an extra half million to support your students’ educational experience!


Please, please, come together and make a gift today.  You can do so securely online at our giving site:

Few people know the value of support like a parent does.  Give whatever you can, however big or small, in support of your student’s Wake Forest experience.  Or because you love the school.  Or because you love the Daily Deac.  Whatever the reason, help us get there today!

My normal MO is that I don’t ask you for money all the time.   But today I am asking, and it is for a really good reason!  Let’s show the Daily Deac spirit and help us get to 2,000 gifts or $500,000 today!  Thank you!


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