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Happy Monday, Deac families.  Have you shaken off your malaise after the USA-Portugal World Cup last night?  What a game.

This morning I had occasion to go over to the ZSR Library for a meeting.  Even early in the morning, it’s warm outside.  Nice and sunny, practically an empty Quad when I made my way over.  The only folks I saw were some moms who had just dropped off kids at Wake Forest camps (my guess was All Sports Camp, one of our very popular kids camps), and a few joggers – one was an adult woman, then a few teens.

The ZSR Library was not at all busy at 9 am, which is something you’d never see mid-semester.  It did not have the familiar ‘beehive buzz’ of a million different conversations and the sound of the coffee grinder.  Instead, it was nice and serene.  After that, I made my way back across campus and saw a huge group of All Sports Campers being led off Poteat Field en masse by one of their junior counselors.  The kids looked sweaty, but happy.

In the early afternoon I was driving through the North Campus area.  It was very strange to see no activity at all at the Student Apartments.  No one going in and out, no cars parked along the street or waiting at the curb to pick up a friend.  Not really even any cars in the apartment parking lot area.  That part of campus is very, very quiet.

What a difference it makes to have our students here!  It seems so much more alive.

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