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We’re continuing our preview series of Things to Look Forward to in 2014-15.  And today we are all about Hit the Bricks.

Hit the Bricks is a wonderful campus tradition that combines philanthropy and service with genteel intercampus rivalry, music, fun, and teamwork.  Students form teams and run (or walk) laps on the Quad all day in hopes of winning bragging rights on the giant leaderboard.  Their entry fees and any additional donations go to fund the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund, which was named in honor of Wake Forest football great Brian Piccolo (of Brian’s Song fame).

If you are the parent of a freshman, start telling your Deacs now that they need to be looking for sign ups for Hit the Bricks after the semester starts.  Get a group from their hall or student organization they join and be part of the running teams!  And if not, make sure they come to the Quad and watch for a while.  It is a combination of sweat, pride, sofas dragged out of lounges for good views, music, and more.  Faculty and staff do Hit the Bricks too, and one team in particular can hang very well with these young 18-22 year old legs.

Read our Daily Deac preview of last year’s Hit the Bricks.

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