Pro Humanitate is our University motto.  It means ‘for humanity,’ and the spirit of the motto is that we ought to be taking the skills and knowledge and talent we develop at Wake Forest and put it to work for the greater good.  Our Wake Forest Clubs program is helping with that effort in a blitz of service they call 4Good, or Pro Humanitate Days.

The Alumni website describes 4Good this way:  “Join your fellow alumni May 30 – June 2, 2014 for Pro Humanitate Days, and together we’ll make the world a better place. Many alumni clubs and Wake Foresters have committed to keeping the Pro Humanitate spirit alive in their communities through service activities including park restorations, garden projects, and food drives.”

There is a full list of Wake Forest Clubs that are working on 4Good efforts.  While the Wake Forest Clubs program is run through the Alumni Office at Wake Forest, those events are open to ALL Wake Foresters – so that means alumni, parents and families, and friends of WFU.  Students too if they wish!

So if you live in one of these areas and want to participate in any of these service opportunities, please sign up and join in.  Tweet or tag your social media posts with #4goodwfu and show us your good work!  And if you aren’t in one of those areas, but you are doing good works of service, tag your posts and send them to us.

University employees have been doing their part for 4Good this week too.  Yesterday a group of Wake Forest staffers volunteered for Habitat for Humanity locally.  The day before some folks volunteered in the campus garden.  Today there is a blood drive – and you can join the crack team of the Daily Deac there, we’ll be donating!  Tomorrow there will be some who deliver meals to hospice.

Giving back.

Doing good.

Leading lives that matter.

Giving to something beyond yourself.

Isn’t that the very best of Wake Forest?

I think it is.

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