The Weather

Our thoughts are with all of the Wake Forest families who have been in range of the terrible storms of this week.  We hope that you have not been directly affected and are sending our positive thoughts your way.

Winston-Salem did not experience any particularly bad weather as a result of this storm.  We had some wind and some rain (and a thunderstorm very early this morning), but nothing like you might have seen (or feared) based on the news coverage about the storm outbreak.

Understandably, we had many parents who were watching and wondering what happened on campus and were concerned about how their students might be notified in case of a weather emergency.  So we want to remind you of those various efforts and resources.

– There is a Wake Alert site that you can bookmark (and you can also sign up to follow Wake Alert on Twitter).  The Wake Alert website is where we state the operating status of campus, and would state it there if there was an emergency.

– If there is an emergency, you will see a large banner message running across the very top of the main WFU web page.  That banner should also always be replicated on the Parents’ Page as well.

– There is also an emergency preparedness site called Wake Ready.  This is worth parents and families looking at, and also reminding your students to review it at least once a semester.  Wake Ready has a section on Emergency Situations, which talks about what to do in various emergency scenarios.

– If there were an emergency declared, the campus gets notified in a number of ways.  If there were specific safety instructions for that emergency, they would be included in the messages and alerts.

It is always good to think about emergency preparedness BEFORE the emergency, so please keep these sites in mind.  It would be a great thing for you to look at as family members, and have your students do the same.  Just as the fire departments urge you to change your smoke alarm batteries when you set the clocks forward/back for the time change, think about reviewing this emergency information with your students the week before they arrive on campus for the fall and spring semesters.

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