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You may or may not know that your students’ WFU email addresses are run through Google and their Gmail system.  One of the tough things we have faced after students graduating is that their WFU emails would expire, and unless they told us their new email (and physical address, for that matter), we often “lost” some of our recent graduates just because we did not have a mailable address.

This matters a lot, because we send alumni information (frequently via email address) about Wake Forest Club events in their area, Homecoming information, special news, and more.  Not to mention we want them to stay in touch via physical copy of the Wake Forest Magazine and more.

The Office of Alumni Services just sent the following email out to graduating seniors about being able to retain a WFU alumni email address through Gmail (while keeping access to their Google Drive and old files!)  The email is below.

Please, please urge your graduates to take advantage of this program.  It is a wonderful way to retain access to important information they had in their own email account here.  And if not, please tell them to update their address/email via the Alumni website after graduation!


Gmail for Alumni

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We hope your years at Wake have been full of wonderful memories and we are so excited to welcome you into the Alumni family!

This year, the Alumni Office and Information Services will be offering Gmail accounts to all graduating students. This Gmail account will be an actual account with access to Google Drive and all of Gmail’s standard functions. It will allow you the opportunity to transfer your existing content (messages, files, contacts) to your new account.

The new accounts were automatically created for you on March 25. You should have already received an email notification from Information Services about this transition, but for more in depth details and instructions, check out the alumni website at

If you have questions or need help with your new account, feel free to reach out to us at Congratulations on your graduation and enjoy the remainder of your time on campus!

The Office of Alumni Services


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