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Some of the most positive feedback we get at the Daily Deac is from parents and family members who appreciate seeing photos of things that are happening on campus, and also the “five senses” posts where we set up camp somewhere around the campus and just observe for 30 minutes and chronicle what we see.  Today the weather is supposed to be awful – 100% chance of rain for a good part of the day, although right now (9:20 am) it is still dry.

photoblog_tree_header1We’ll try to get a “five senses” post in sometime this week, but for now I want to draw your attention to a wonderful photo resource.  It’s called Focus on the Forest, and it is a Tumblr site maintained by Ken Bennett, our award-winning University Photographer.   He is taking pictures all the time, to document campus events as well as get shots of campus and students that can be used on the website, in publications, and more.  There are over 70,000 photos in our archive, dating back from late 90s or early 2000s.  Ken puts some of the best of them up on Focus on the Forest, and if you want a visual treat, you should check out the site.

For another look at campus any time, there is the Quad Cam.  If you are viewing it from your PC or laptop, it should work fine.  We are having a little hitch with it coming through on smartphones, and our IS and web teams are working on that.  So know that if you try it on your phone, you might not get it, but the issue has been reported and is being addressed, but it is a complicated issue and will take some time to fix.  Apologies to all.

One time I’d recommend you check out the Quad Cam is on April 25th – that will be our second Campus Day for Accepted Students.  There will be a lot of activity at the following times:

7:30-8:45 am – when people check in to register at Wait Chapel

9:30-10 am – when the first program in Wait Chapel ends and they all depart en masse for other sessions

2:00ish-4ish – students will begin setting up the Student Involvement Fair during the 2:00 time frame, as the admitted students and families are in their last program in Wait Chapel.  Once that finishes, the Demon Deacon leads the students out of the chapel and on to the Quad, where the band, cheerleaders, and dance team are waiting.  You’ll see a ton of prospective students and parents walking around to visit the tables at the Student Involvement Fair (student organizations set up tables to promote their groups)

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