Five Senses of Farrell Living Room

Tomorrow is an academic and administrative holiday.  If you have a concern about a student (either after normal business hours or on a holiday), University Police is our 24/7 contact.  You can call them at 336-758-5591 (non-emergencies) or 336-758-5911 (emergencies) and they will contact the appropriate on-call staff.

Yesterday I went over to Farrell Hall a little bit before a 2 pm meeting so I could take in the scene and bring you one of our “Five Senses” blog posts.  Here you go, Deac families!

I see…

– a giant blue crane on one end of the Living Room and an orange platform/people lifter on the other.  It is not clear to me what they are doing, but there are 2 men on one cherry-picker and 3 on the ground observing.  Yellow tape is roping off the equipment.

– half of the tables and comfy chairs in the middle of the Living Room are occupied.  It appears to be a mix of students individually studying or eating lunch, and some in clusters or groups.

– cold weather clothes.  It is chilly today, and most are in sweaters, sweatshirts, or fleece jackets (or have them nearby)

– lots of laptops, both at tables with just one student, as well as the groups of students

– a couple of students I know; one with a delightful accent comes up to talk to me

– administrators and faculty walking through the Living Room, occasionally talking to students they know or each other


I hear…

– the sound of the equipment moving up and down; rather a drill-like sound

– jingling keys

– the ice machine at Einstein’s Bagels

– people ordering from same

– laughter

– snippets of conversations.  I am near two girls who erupt into periodic giggles.  They appear to be rehashing someone’s escapades.


I feel…

– the nubby fabric of the chair at my table

– the very smooth and pleasantly cool marble-like/solid surface of the table.  The patterns of the tables reminds me a bit of a good French pate.

– the occasional breeze as doors open


I smell….

– cinnamon raisin bagels from Einstein’s

– hazelnut.  Einstein’s has a hazelnut-vanilla blend that is aromatic


I taste….

– a cup of that hazelnut coffee (couldn’t resist!)


And that, my friends, was the Five Senses of the Farrell Living Room at nearly 2 pm on Wednesday.  Hope you felt like you were there with me!

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