Wake ‘N Shake – You Can Help, Deac Families

20120324dance7334Wake ‘N Shake 2014 is coming up this weekend.   Wake ‘N Shake is a 12-hour dance marathon which benefits the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.  Wake Forest students will stay on their feet for up to twelve hours to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. In 2013, 1300 students participated and over $147,000 was raised for cancer research. 

As in previous years, we want to encourage parents and families to get involved in the following ways:

  • Support a student participant by donating to him/her
  • Donate to the cause in general through the regular donation portal.  You can also text SHAKE to 20222 to donate $10 to the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. Organizers say “we began Mobile Giving last year as an easy way to donate towards the cause and are thrilled that it is an option again for the 2014 event.” 
  • Watch the Wake ‘N Shake event LIVE on March 22 from noon to midnight
  • Write a Note of Encouragement to a specific student participant, all of the student participants from a particular organization, or the entire student body.

This year, for the first time, Wake ‘N Shake’s organizers will be offering supporters the chance to leave a personalized message for a dancer or organization.  They will deliver these words of support to the recipients at the event, reminding these dancers why they have pledged to stay standing for up to 12 hours straight.  The organizers hope that these Notes of Encouragement will inspire the participants through the final hours of the dance marathon.   

For this new program to be successful, the Wake ‘N Shake organizers are hoping to reach out to as many families who know students participating in Wake ‘N Shake 2014 to write a Note of Encouragement to the dancers and organizations that they have a connection to.

So, Deac families, please show your support for Wake ‘N Shake.  This is a tremendous project for our students – doing good for others while having some good old fashioned fun.   

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