Well That Was Fun

Happy Monday to you, Deac families.  It’s a regular day of classes today – the first full day since last Tuesday.

All told, Winston-Salem probably got snow in the 6-10 inches range, depending on where you live.   Though it was warmer yesterday (the 40s) and sunny, there is still a lot of snow on the ground in places that don’t get sun.  We had gotten some freezing rain on top of the snow, so the snow had a crunchy hard layer on top that is harder to melt than the fine powdery stuff.  You can also see a fair amount of piled-up snow on the sides of streets from where plows pushed it.  The main roads look pretty good, but there are icy patches that have frozen overnight.

I ran into a Wake Forest student I know at the movies on Saturday and asked her whether she was surviving the snow.  On the contrary, she said the students were all loving it.  There were a number of great pictures of the Quad and snowmen being posted on Facebook and Instagram (check out Wake Forest Magazine on Instagram for some).  I was keeping an eye on the Quad Cam and it looked like a lot of students out there having a blast.

But for now, back to the old routine.  Classes begin again.  And temperatures for later in the week look like they will reach the 60s, so the snow won’t be here for long.

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