Tie A Yellow Ribbon Week

2 24 14 tie 2If your students have been up on the Quad, they will have seen yellow informational signs all over the place, as well as chalk on the bricks.  This week is Tie A Yellow Ribbon Week, which is a campus-wide sexual assault awareness week.  I took some pictures of the signs on the Quad, and the statistics may seem (or be) startling to you.  Some of them were to me, and probably to your students as well.  But this is an important topic for both women and men.

2 24 14 tie 1There are a number of Tie a Yellow Ribbon events this week, and I hope they will be well attended by our student body.  Looking at these national statistics on the signs, it is possible your students may know victims of sexual assault  at some point in their lives, or could be victims. themselves

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Week helps share information that can make a big difference – how to help support friends affected by sexual violence, where to turn if you are a victim, what resources are available.

There are survivors of sexual assault that will tell their stories (or read stories of other survivors) during Speak Out, which is an incredibly powerful program.

2 24 14 tie 3So urge your students to stop by the tables outside the Pit and get their own yellow ribbons to wear this week.  Show their support and compassion for sexual assault victims.  Learn the facts.  Find ways to help.  Be an ally.

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