Snow Day!

Today campus is closed, Deac families.  Take a look at the Quad Cam and you can see why.  (Note: the Quad Cam is best viewed on a desktop, not a mobile device.  We’re having a glitch with the mobile users we’re trying to fix, bear with us.)

It’s been a little difficult to judge just how much snow came down yesterday.  From the vantage point of my house, the deck rail looked like it had maybe 5-6 inches by dinnertime.  However, much of lastnight was a sleet event, and you could hear the sleet clicking against the windows – sometimes with a nice roaring wind to accompany it.  Therefore, the snow got tapped down a bit by the sleet.

This morning has been a solid, heavy snow.  It is coming down in big, chunky flakes now.  And if yesterday’s snow seemed to be finer and not a wet, snowball-packing snow, today’s looks like it might be better for snowballs and snowmen.

ARAMARK/Campus Dining has announced some abbreviated dining hours due to weather, but rest assured your students will still be able to get food in the Pit.

Hope you are warm, dry, and safe wherever you are.  Right now what I wouldn’t give to be in sunny California!

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