School Closed Again

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Deac families and their students.  I don’t know if love is in the air, but there was certainly plenty of snow and cold in the air.

School is closed again today.  I have not been to campus myself, as the roads where I live are in no condition for driving yet.  However, I have been keeping an eye on campus via the Quad Cam, and was impressed yesterday afternoon to see a number of snowdeacs being built.

As always, if we have news or information to share from campus, it will be posted on the main Parents’ Page.

To close out this snowy week, we’ll look ahead to an event taking place next week.  Our friends in the Learning Assistance Center have passed along information about a workshop they are offering to students.

“The Study Smarter, Not Harder workshop series will introduce WFU students to a number of helpful strategies that will improve academic performance. Specific areas to be covered include time management, test anxiety, and active studying.

Our first workshop for the spring semester is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 19, from 5:00-6:00 in room 162 in Greene Hall.”

These kinds of offerings are wonderful extras for students, and hopefully many will take advantage of the opportunity to hone their study skills and be more effective.

Hope your Deacs take advantage of this – and hope they have been enjoying the snow and a couple days out of class.   Have a great weekend, y’all!

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