It’s Coming

There is no doubt about it.  Snow is coming.  The only questions remaining are “exactly when?” and “how much?”  The Weather Channel is predicting 6-10 inches of snow, but we are still seeing some variations in accumulations.  So right now we are playing the waiting game.

As of first thing this morning, classes are on as scheduled.  Should there be a need to cancel classes or work on a different time schedule, those weather announcements are made in a number of ways.  Your students should keep an eye on their email and the WFU web site.  Be assured that campus has seen snow many times before and we do a good job ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Some of you have been keeping an eye on the Quad Cam to see what campus looks like.  I’ve heard from a couple of you (particularly on mobile devices or tablets) that in recent days the picture was not always coming through live.  We’ve relayed that message to our tech folks and they are looking into it, so we appreciate your patience.

One of the most fun traditions of snowstorms on campus has gone the way of the dinosaur.  In the 80s and 90s, when you went to the Pit to eat, you got a cafeteria tray to carry your food.  (For sustainability reasons and avoiding water waste, we don’t do trays anymore).  But back in the day, students ‘borrowed’ the trays and used them for sleds.  There was a great hill between Carswell and Calloway Hall (which is now the site of a building, Greene Hall) where we used to sled, typically at night.  The Pit trays at some point would get buried in the snow, and we’d lose track of them.  So then days later when all the snow melted, the grassy areas all over campus were littered with trays.  It was a really funny image.

Stay warm and dry, Deac families!


Finally, we have one other item to share with you.  The Daily Deac was contacted late yesterday by a Spanish class here who is looking to do a project for Valentine’s Day.   There is a limited opportunity to have this group deliver a rose to your student on Friday.  I talked to one of the organizers to try and gauge their plans for inclement weather and such, and she assured me that they were going to deliver these flowers snow or no snow.

So I am passing this along to you on behalf of Spanish 380.  This is the first time they have planned and organized such a project, so I can’t say I have ever used their service or seen how they work.  But because they were in a pinch to try and reach families, I said I’d give them a shout out in the blog.  The details they have provided are below should you be interested.


Hello Fellow Wake Forest Parents!

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away! Many of you may have already sent packages, cards, and goodies. But for those parents who have not had the time or opportunity, NOT TO WORRY!

We are the SPN 380 Class offering you the opportunity to purchase DOOR DELIVERY OF FLOWERS to your child.

ORDER NOW while supply last. Only 50 red and 50 pink roses are available!


Why are some of the reasons you might consider getting a rose your student?

– It’s Valentine’s Day and you want to make sure your child feels the love

– Gifts make everyone feel happy and special

-It will make your child’s day and be an incentive to call home and thank you


How does it work?

Click on this link Next, click on the “flores” tab. Upon selecting from one of our service packages, each customer has the opportunity to write a special message and select the delivery day. SNOW or NO SNOW, we will deliver. It’s a really thoughtful gift and just a few clicks of love away!

How can parents sign their students up for Flores in the Forest?

Parents and students can find more information and order from our website


Still uncertain about logistics?

You can contact the class professor Dr. Alan Jose at or Clark Scroggin at


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