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Today was pretty much back to normal on the weather front.  The snow is 100% gone in places that see a lot of sun; the north side of Farrell Hall still had snow on the ground, since the sun had not gotten to that side of the building yet.  But it is a lot warmer and I expect to be back to soggy wet ground in a number of hours.

I am on a number of distro lists for various organizations on campus, and today I received an email looking for participants in a weekend activity that might be really eye opening and engaging.  If this sounds like something your student would be interested in, please pass it on to him or her.  In addition to learning something about unemployment and government assistance, your students could make some new acquaintances if they attend.

“Hello Volunteer Community!

Next Saturday, February 8th, we are hosting an interactive poverty simulation, Wake City. We will give each participant a unique identity and they will navigate through a mock government assistance program. This event should be incredibly rewarding and a great way to become more educated on a system so prevalent in our country.


The event will last from 1-2:30 in the fourth floor of Benson. The game will be followed by a reflection where we will discuss the shortcomings of the system and propose ways we think it could fixed. We will include members of the Winston-Salem community who participate in this system in various ways in our discussion. ”

More information and registration available online.

This is an example of learning outside the classroom that can help inform your students’ opinions about real world issues.  It may help spur their thinking on solutions to unemployment, increase their understanding of and/or compassion for those going through it, or just provide some great food for thought.



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