Spring Family Weekend

Registration for Spring Family Weekend (February 28-March 2) will go live at 10 am this morning.  This is a wonderful opportunity to come and see your students, do some fun campus events (and of course treat your Deacs to a nice dinner or two and give them some mid-semester TLC).  You can see the schedule of events here.  And as of 10 am, you can go to the main page and look for the Registration link and sign your family up for any activities you want.

Our Parent Programs office has been getting some parent questions about “When is Family Weekend [fall]?”  The short answer is:  we don’t have one yet.  The date for Fall Family Weekend 2014 gets chosen after the football schedule is released, which is normally in late January.  We wait on the release of the football schedule because Family Weekend is typically held during a home football game weekend.

Once we know the football schedule, we then have to review the available home games to look for the ideal date.  We can’t select a weekend that is too close to move-in weekend or fall break, we ideally don’t want to select a holiday or religious observance if we can help it, and we need to find a weekend where there are hotels available.  We cannot typically hold it during High Point’s Furniture Market.  (For those of you who are not familiar, High Point is one of the furniture capitals of the world, and twice a year Furniture Market is held and it will take every hotel within the greater Piedmont Triad area.)

All this by way of saying there are a lot of moving pieces to selecting the fall Family Weekend date.  Please know that as soon as we have the football schedule, can check the calendar for conflicts, etc., we’ll post the final date on the main Parents’ Page.

Today is Day 2 of the new semester, so students are getting to experience their first class in their Monday/Wednesday/Friday class cycle.  For any students who are struggling to complete their spring semester schedule, they should make an appointment in the Office of Academic Advising to speak to one of the professional academic counselors there.  There is also a handy dandy Open Course Report link on the Advising main page (which shows courses that have openings remaining).  Note that the OCR is as good as the moment it was pulled and posted, so if there are a lot of intrepid students who jumped into open seats early, some classes might already be gone.  However, they do post the OCR pretty regularly during the first week of class, so students can check back as needed.

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