Rainy Black and Gold Friday

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families!  If you aren’t regularly in the habit of wearing black and gold on Fridays (or even better, something with the Wake Forest name or logo), we cordially invite you to do that and show your WFU spirit wherever you are.

Families, you can be some of our biggest cheerleaders in your home areas and some of the best ambassadors for us.  Any time you can wear Wake Forest gear – so people see our name and think of Wake Forest – and any time you talk about Wake to great prospective students and families, you can help raise awareness and interest in the school.  So thank you for doing all you do at home to promote Wake Forest.

It’s a rainy and dreary Friday here, folks.  It is going to rain all day and well into tomorrow, which does not bode well for all our students returning for the spring semester.  When your students return, they are going to be able to take advantage of a couple of new dining options on campus.  The new Dining Commons on the north side of campus will open, and one of the options within it will be a place called Bistro ’34.  The Campusdish dining website describes it as follows:

“RSVP to the the premiere dining experience at Bistro ’34. The menu reflects a contemporary American palate highlighting regional cuisine evolving seasonally with a sample of signature international dishes.  Use Old Gold to get 50% off your entrée salad, gourmet sandwich, or main course.  Hours of Operation:Weekdays: 11am – 2pm/5pm – 10pm, Weekends: Closed”

There is also a full service Starbucks, I am told.  Supposedly it had what they call a ‘soft opening’ (not widely publicized) at the end of last semester, just to get started slowly and ease in.  I got invited to an open house next week for the new Dining Commons, and I will let you know my thoughts then.

Wishing your students a smooth move-in back to campus, and hope they can stay dry.

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