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There was a lot of news and activity on campus yesterday, coming from various fronts.   One of the big pieces of news was that the dean of the School of Business, Steve Reinemund, announced his resignation at the end of June of this year.   President Hatch sent a message to the campus community about Dean Reinemund’s retirement this morning; this message also talked about several other key University positions of leadership and projects (read Dr. Hatch’s full message).

dining commons 6Yesterday afternoon was an open house for the new North Dining Hall, which is located on the north side of campus near the new Magnolia and Dogwood residence halls.  They were giving some administrative offices a chance for a sneak peek at the new facility and some samples of the food there.

dining commons 7Your Deacs will not be disappointed.  This is a lovely, inviting space.   It is a two-story facility, with a full service Starbucks on the ground floor and a very large grab-and-go type marketplace there.  The grab-and-go place has a lot of the things you’d expect (sodas, granola bars, “boxed” meals like mac and cheese,  dairy products etc.) but also has eggs, loaves of bread, and a nice fresh fruit bin with a good selection.   There is also a nice seating area with lots of windows, some flat screen TVs, and is decorated in inviting shades of gold and brown and black.

dining commons 2When you head to the upper level, there are two main dining areas.  There is an open area that has a grill section, a wok section, a deli/sandwiches section.  As with the Pit, the foods are being prepared right there in front of you so they are nice and hot.  There is also a very appealing table service restaurant called Bistro ’34.  It looks like a nice restaurant – fancier in decor than Shorty’s in the Benson Center.  I tried one of the Bistro ’34 Southwestern Egg Rolls and it was really tasty.

dining commons 3On the upper level are also a wide variety of seating areas and lots of windows looking out toward Farrell and the new residence halls.  There are nooks for student backpacks and bags (so students can be free to carry dishes to their seating spot).  I liked the lighting too – it seemed warm and inviting and different – a lot of low wattage light bulbs hanging down, which was a nice effect.  Like Zicks, I predict this is going to be a popular space and well liked by students.   It opens today and I hope they try it!  Here is the January Dining Update from Dining Services/ARAMARK.

dining commons v2 2 dining commons v2 dining commons v3 dining commons v4As I was leaving the open house at North Dining Hall, loud screams and cheers were wafting over the north side of campus coming from the Quad.  Bid Day was yesterday for sororities, and in past years at least what that has entailed is a lot of hugging and cheering and embracing of the new sisters, and then they run a lap around the Quad.  Since I was too far away, I didn’t see any of it, but if things hold to past tradition that might well have been taking place.

That’s the news of yesterday, which brings us up today.  Classes have started, so we are once again seeing a campus full of students with books and backpacks and messenger bags and laptops.  And for those who are making their way back as regulars in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, they will notice a brand new floor in the atrium.

It’s a new day and a new semester.  Let’s all make the most of it!

PS – These Dining Commons pictures were hastily taken on my iPhone – so apologies for the quality.

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