Go Deacs!

For those of you who had TV coverage, strong stomachs, and didn’t mind a late game, you might have caught the Wake vs. NC State game last night.   It started at 9 pm and was one of those experiences where Deac fans were led up to the peak of the mountaintop, thrown down to the crevasse below, and then clawed back up to the top of the mountain at the last minute.

Euphoria, then heartbreak, then euphoria at the literal last seconds.

If you didn’t chew your fingernails to the quick, more power to you.  But our Deacs won, and there was jubilation and exhaustion.  I haven’t made it to the Quad this morning yet, but am told that it was in fact rolled, though perhaps not quite as thoroughly as some other games.  Proud of our team for hanging in there and bringing us a great home win.  GO DEACS!

A couple of other items worth mentioning today.  On the residence hall front, Residence Life and Housing has published its Room Thaw website (which is for students who wish to request room changes or swaps).  On the career front, there is a Career Fair next Wednesday, January 22nd.  Details are available on the Events Calendar.

Yesterday I checked out the new North Dining Hall.  I was in the main grill/wok/sandwich station and everything I tried was pretty tasty.  There was a good crowd of students trying the food, hanging out in the seating areas, and seeming to enjoy both.  It appeared to be more activity upstairs than downstairs by the Starbucks, at least during the time I was there.

And a final editoral note: basic human kindness and the Honor Code are alive and well.  While at North Dining Hall, I accidentally dropped an empty bowl of food and a very nice female student immediately hopped up to help me (I had my hands full).  Somewhere during my visit there, I dropped my debit card and didn’t realize until later I had lost it.  No idea whether it was a student or a staff member who found it, but they turned it in and I got it back from the very kind staffers working there.

Character counts.  Kindness counts.  Every day I hope our students are making good, ethical choices.   And I am grateful I could rely on the kindness of a few good Deacs when I needed it.

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