Send Your Deacs An E-Card for Finals

Game on!  It’s Finals Week, and your Deacs are wrapping up the semester with final exams, or perhaps papers and projects.  Finals Week is normally Stress Central, so here at the Daily Deac we wanted to give you a little something to help boost your students’ spirits.

deacon greetingsSend your Deac an E-card!  It’s free and easy, and your students will appreciate having a little love and support from Mom and Dad and loved ones this week.  When you click on this link, it takes you to Deacon Greetings, and all you need to do is supply your student’s name, email, and you can pick the photo and message of your choice.  When you hit ‘Submit,’ your e-card will go to the email address you provided for your student, and you’ll get a copy of it too.  (NOTE: in the “how would you like to sign your message” field, that’s where you can add a personal message and your preferred way of signing).

Getting an unexpected message of love and support can be the bright spot in your student’s day – so send him/her an e-card now!

In other news, we were predicted to get a major ice storm yesterday, but it ended up being a non-event.  While some rain froze on power lines, it never became much of anything at all.  The temperature is hovering in the 34-35 degree range, and other than being foggy and drizzly (as seen here on Quad Cam) there is no weather of any concern.  It is supposed to get close to 50 today, so no fear of ice.

I hope many of your students were able to attend the Lovefeast lastnight.  It was – as always – a beautiful ceremony of the season, with reflections, prayers, beautiful music by our students and faculty, a communal meal of coffee and bread, singing of Christmas carols, and a candle lighting extraordinaire.  If you missed watching the livestream of the Lovefeast online, it is archived now and available here for you to enjoy.

So send those Deacs an e-card and help give them a boost during a very dreary start to Finals Week!

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