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This week has been a chilly one.  This morning as I drove onto campus, I saw many students walking to classes in their North Face fleece jackets, backpacks or messenger bags slung over their shoulders.  It’s a grey day, and quite cool (37 at 7 am, highs in the mid 50s today at best).  The fall leaves are gorgeous, every shade of red and gold and orange imaginable.  If your Deacs like fall, it finally feels like it is here to stay.

There have been a number of good stories about WFU in the past week or so, and thought you might enjoy some of them.

– The Winston-Salem Journal had nice coverage of the dedication of Farrell Hall this past Friday.   There was also coverage of the opening on the WFU web site as well.

– One of our documentary film students, Chris Zaluski (MFA ’13), is a finalist in Our State magazine’s documentary film contest.  Zaluski is a program director for Wake Forest’s student-run Wrought Iron Productions.  His film, “The Duke of Rougemont,” is a short documentary that explores the eccentric hobbies of artist, storyteller and craftsman Stacey Harris.

– Tomorrow (November 6) at 4 pm in the Z Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium (room 404), Dr. Christian Miller, associate professor of philosophy and one of the key faculty on the Character Project, will be speaking about cheating and ethics.  “Cheating is very much in the news today. Based on recent research findings, Christian Miller, associate professor of philosophy, will talk about what motivates people to cheat and why they choose to, or choose not to, be dishonest.”  If you haven’t read about the Character Project, there is a great website about it, and you can read more on the WFU site as well.

– A number of WFU community members have been in local media stories of late.

That’s just a snapshot of some of the stories about Wake Forest, and the Wake Foresters who are making news.


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