Last of the Leaves

We are coming to the tail end of the fall leaves season.  Probably 80% of them are down off the trees.  Those leaves that still remain seem to be falling into one of two distinct categories:  very vivid reds and oranges, or extremely dull brown.  Not a lot of middle ground anymore.   If you are driving around Reynolda Road and Coliseum drive (near Reynolda Village and Graylyn, close to campus) around sunset, if you catch the light just right, the sunlight falls on the remaining red leaves and makes everything have a deep and fiery red glow.  Really, really pretty.

After a warm day yesterday, it is cold again today.  Highs only in the low to mid 50s and a light breeze.  Back to coats weather again.  You can tell the students who haven’t checked the weather before they left their residence halls, as some of them were in shorts and short sleeves, thinking it would be in the 60s as it was yesterday.

The mood on campus feels quite somber.  Between the loss of a classmate last week and looming papers and tests before the Thanksgiving break, students seem a bit more subdued and tired.  I suspect that when most of our students go home for Thanksgiving, they would benefit from a little extra TLC.  That might mean more sleep, a little special pampering by way of favorite meals or goodie bags to bring back to campus, having a lot of time to play with their much-missed dogs or cats.

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